The Book

“Sam Edwards little book with a long name is to memoirs what “ Casablanca ” is to war movies. Sam is funny and outrageous, the skeleton in Jimmy Carter's closet, a political Peter Pan who has lived and is living, the way most of us boomers thought we might. Most of us don't have the courage to step outside the box of convention. Oh, and, by the way, the man can write.”

-Rheta Grimsley Johnson
The Atlanta Journal/Constitution


“Edwards book will make you laugh, cry, at times, even marvel at the resiliency of the human spirit. Escaping death, debutantes, and drunken derelicts, Edwards gives us a real-life tale of Forrest Gumpian Proportions. A truly remarkable story.”

-Donald E. Davis , Ph.D
Author of “Where There are Mountains”


“A wonderfully written comic odyssey, filled with wisdom and insight. This book is a treasure.”

-Ed Feilbert and E. Mawby Green
Authors of “Pajama Tops” and “13 Rue de la mour”


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